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Here's a list of our regulars and where to find them!

Ismay Hutton - @aTeacupGamer

Ismay is your decorated podcast host whose greatest achievement to date was bringing together all the folk at Crit Chat. Take from that what you will. Dedicated nerd of all things gaming, this queer gal lives in Scotland which does nothing to explain the accent. 

Having played D&D since the start of University, Ismay's style of DMing falls into a category best described as "do what you want" with a dash of "wow, that's a lot of detailed lore no one is ever going to notice". 

As an audio editor, voice actor and streamer you can find Ismay's best works by listening to Crit Chat, Half Damage, or seeing her fail time after time in a whole host of games over on her Twitch channel.

Find Ismay on Twitter: 
Find Ismay on Twitch: 

Alfred Clark - @alfredmakes

Proud owner of 50+ TRPGs and proponent of trying as many systems as you can, Alfred is one of the few Crit Chatters to have only ever played D&D fifth edition. He would like you to know that it's fine, he doesn't mind. It's cool, actually - he fancied playing 5e anyway, he can try Troika some other time. No, really - it's all good.

Alfred fully intends to one day write a blog post about RPGs or videosgame or movies or something. This has been written every month in his bullet journal for the past year. This month, though. He thinks he's feeling it this month. Whenever that happens, you'll find it at his website...

If you'd like to see him actually crossing bullets off and achieving his Goals, you should hang out with him on Twitch. He'd like that.

Find Alfred on Twitter: 
Find Alfred on Twitch: 

Emily Kuklinski - @ThePunnyEmily

Emily loves the hit Broadway-to-Screen musical “CATS.” She often thinks about the movie while at work, doing the dishes (which she seldom does), or while she dreams.

If she were a cat from the movie CATS, she would identify the most with Skimbleshanks because she 1) Also loves trains and 2) Would also love to tap dance her way into the heavens.

If you don’t like CATS the musical: Emily can sort of understand. If you don’t like the movie CATS, it will make her sad but the sadness will make her want to rewatch CATS, so you’ll actually make her very happy. Emily also plays DnD sometimes.

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Sarah Meaden - @imyerhero

Sarah is resident Podcast Mom, despite concerning the other Crit Chatters regularly with her parenting stories. 

She has been playing D&D for 15ish years, after being introduced to it by a friend and has DM'd 4 campaigns, and would love to actually play in more campaigns as opposed to always being the GM.  

Sarah is not a professional anything...yet.  She event plans for an apartment complex, raises a daughter with a smart mouth on her, and supports her WotC employee marital partner.  

You can find Sarah on Twitter at @imyerhero, where she occasionally posts about video games, parenting fails, and Magnum P.I.

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Kye You - @Its_Me_Kye

It's your rules boy Kye and but don't go calling him rulez boi, spelling is important you know. He'll be around actually doing research, bringing a "lawful" energy to the show and reminding you that the Dungeon Master's Guide exists.

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Owen Piper - @TheOwenPiper

Owen Piper (yes, you have to say both, it’d be weird if you didn’t) is the resident chaotic storm that sometimes blows through Crit Chat and occasionally has good advice.

This lover of all things Goblin started playing D&D back as a wee teen when it was unpopular to kill fantasy dragons instead of playing Sportsball. Now D&D is suddenly cool and hot, and this confuses him to no end as he did not age as well as his hobby has.

Owen Piper’s DMing style essentially boils down to “If it feels good, do it”, much like his approach to life. This has gotten him in trouble numerous times, but he can worry about that when he’s 35.

When Owen Piper isn’t playing Dungeons and Dragons, he can often be found doing comedy and ruining childhoods over at, where his genius goes unchallenged, and he can go on as many hilarious tangents as he likes without Ismay cutting them all for time.

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Adam Perry - @redskarr

Adam Perry is the resident troublemaker filled with chaotic energy. He enjoys not actually giving advice, making strange noises while recording and forgetting to send the sound files till prompted 3 times. He has played DnD for about 5 years and has completed 3 campaigns, and currently plays Curse of Strahd where he does his best to scare his players and annoy them by making Strahd show up ever single session.

Adam is a professionally trained actor and singer and has made good use of his degree by being able to do slightly better voices for his NPCs than other DMs. He's also studying to be a drama teacher because you know what they say, if you can't do then teach.

You can find Adam on Twitter @redskarr where he enjoys talking to new people, providing unfiltered opinions and trying to find more dice to stop the cravings from returning.

Find Adam on Twitter: 

Ali Goldaper - @RevFlooper

Ali enjoys painting, puppetry, podcasts, parrots, peanut butter and other pleasant "p" verbs and nouns. She LOVES tabletop games, but she has trouble memorizing game rules, so she takes lots of notes and has a lot of bookmarks sticking out of her rulebooks.

One day she'll finish drawing one of her parties. In the meantime, you can find her on Instagram @quack_at_midnight where she posts sketches nearly every single day...and has since 2015.

Find Ali on Twitter: 

Find Ali on Instagram: 

Brandon Jones - @phaseshiftgame

Brandon is a tabletop rpg designer who works for "The Government", though he won't say which job or even which government.

While he's not DMing a steampunk mystery D&D campaign he is working on several unrealized podcasts, one fully realized fancast about a podcast, and one tabletop RPG, "Phase Shift", about space mercenaries, available at

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Play Phase Shift: 

Chase Greenlee - @TQLoudly

Chase Greenlee is a habitual podcast host and cohost across the internet.

He can be found not only on Crit Chat, but also on his actual play D&D podcast Another Path, as a co-host on Imprinted Echoes (actual play Cypher system), and other shows across the Ghostlight Media podcast network (and beyond, of course).

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